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SRK Drops Major Bombshell Due to financial constraints Gauri Khan began her design career

Gauri Khan, an interior designer and the spouse of Shah Rukh Khan, has recently unveiled her coffee table book titled “My Life In Design”. The spouse of the individual in question, who is a prominent public figure known as SRK, has composed a noteworthy commentary regarding Gauri in the introductory section of the literary work.

The foreword of a publication was shared by a Twitter user, wherein SRK expounded on the genesis of Gauri’s foray into the field of design. At that juncture, the couple procured their inaugural residential property and were anticipating the arrival of their initial offspring, Aryan Khan. Due to the high cost of hiring a designer, Gauri assumed the responsibility of the task.

It is evident that the living space was financially unattainable for us, however, it was imperative that we secure a dwelling as we were anticipating the arrival of Aryan. The decision was made to adopt a purchasing strategy based on available funds, whereby items would be acquired as financial resources became available. Due to financial constraints, the responsibility of designing was undertaken by Gauri, as stated by SRK.

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The speaker elaborated that on a previous occasion, they had attempted to purchase a sofa, but due to its exorbitant cost, they instead procured the necessary leather during one of the speaker’s travels. Subsequently, they awaited the services of a carpenter to construct the sofa according to the design outlined in a notebook by Gauri.

According to SRK, the purchase of Mannat resulted in a financial crunch as they had expended all their funds in acquiring the property. Subsequently, Gauri resumed her role as a designer and gradually, the initial requirement transformed into an ardor.

The celebrity known as Pathaan expressed that the endeavor of creating her personal residence was quite substantial. Gauri acquired the ability to comprehend spatial arrangements and identify fundamental necessities, logistical considerations, and aesthetic elements necessary for establishing a household.

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