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Priyanka Chopra claims she never thought she’d be able to be a Hollywood star

During a discussion on South Indian representation in English language films, Priyanka Chopra Jonas expressed her surprise at being cast in a Hollywood film, given that she did not anticipate someone with her physical appearance to be selected for such a role.

During an interview with The Radio Times, the actor who stars in Citadel discussed her sense of professional instability despite her involvement in four films annually.

The renowned personality expressed that she had never envisioned the possibility of featuring in Hollywood during the commencement of her career in Bollywood at the age of 18.

The representation of individuals with similar physical characteristics as myself on television was an unforeseen occurrence. According to Chopra Jonas, the standard was set at a very low level. In India, the presence of Hindi movies prompted the realization that certain cultural artifacts were exclusive to the local population, while others were not.

Even during childhood, the differentiation was evident. Upon my arrival in America, I embarked on a quest to discover my identity through English language entertainment, as I observed a significant number of individuals who resembled me in the nation engaging with it.

Nick Jonas

There is a significant influx of individuals from diverse nationalities, including India and other countries, who immigrate from various parts of the globe. According to Nick Jonas’ spouse, the American entertainment industry lacked representation of the diverse population it serves.

The proliferation of the internet and streaming platforms has facilitated the global accessibility of diverse entertainment content produced across various regions of the world. It was beyond my initial contemplation when I initially entered the industry.

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Subsequently, she expressed her candid apprehensions regarding her potential failure as an actor, despite her status as a renowned figure in the entertainment industry, having participated in a plethora of Bollywood and Hollywood productions.

The individual, who previously won the Miss World pageant, stated that their filmography comprises nearly 70 movies. They further added that they used to produce four movies annually due to their desire to not miss out on any opportunities.

The author expressed a sense of uncertainty regarding the continuity of a certain aspect of their life, as they contemplated the possibility of waking up one day and finding it gone. According to the speaker, individuals in the acting profession experience a high degree of job insecurity.

In order to attain stability, it is imperative to establish credibility through one’s work and maintain a consistent track record of delivering results. This process requires a significant amount of time.

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