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My show revolves around bras but it is not meant to titillate says Zeenat Aman Shweta Tiwari the director of Showsttopper

Shweta Tiwari’s statement, delivered at an event in Bhopal in the previous year, garnered significant media attention. Shweta was engaged in the promotion of her web series titled ‘Showstopper’, which was produced, written, and directed by Manish Harishankar. The filming had not yet commenced. Videos circulating on social media depict her uttering the phrase, “The size of my brassiere is being taken by God.” The speaker is making a humorous statement about a divine being taking measurements for their undergarment. Subsequent to the aforementioned events, a state of disorder ensued, accompanied by demonstrations, ultimately leading to the initiation of legal proceedings against her.
Shweta expressed contrition by acknowledging, “I have become aware that a particular remark I made regarding a colleague’s prior position has been extracted from its original context and misinterpreted.”

Upon contextual analysis, it becomes apparent that the mention of ‘Bhagwan’ pertains to Sourabh Raj Jain’s renowned portrayal of a divine figure. The interviewee stated that individuals tend to link character names with the actors who portray them. This was cited as an instance during their discussion with the press.
Subsequent to that event, what occurred? Manish Harishankar was interviewed and disclosed that he intends to imminently launch his show on an over-the-top (OTT) platform.

Continue reading to discover the inquiries posed to the individual in question and their corresponding responses.

Has the project ‘Showstopper’ been finalized?

There are two seasons that I am considering. I am nearing the conclusion of the initial season, with only a remaining five-day filming session.

Is it anticipated that there will be a change in the cast for the upcoming season?

Zeenat Aman to make her digital debut with Manish


What is the origin of this phenomenon?

I successfully secured the participation of all the actors and conducted my inaugural press conference in Bhopal. The statement made by Shweta resulted in a state of disorder. A set was constructed by me in Bhopal. The photography session was met with significant opposition. Several high-ranking officials from Bhopal provided assistance in mitigating the circumstances and granted me authorization to commence filming. However, at that point in time, the cast had relocated back to Mumbai. Consequently, they were required to return to Bhopal. I did not return to Mumbai.

Although the focal point of the show pertains to brassieres, it remains suitable for viewing in households with young children. The show does not contain any explicit or offensive content.
The role of the bra-fitter is portrayed by Sourabh Raaj Jain. I had several options to consider, but ultimately decided on the name Sourabh.

What was the methodology employed for the casting process?

I sought a bra-fitter who possessed an accurate gaze. The male actor’s appearance should be such that it elicits a sense of ease and comfort among the female co-stars during filming. Additionally, I desired an individual who possesses a sensitive disposition.

Shweta Tiwari?

Shweta Tiwari

The character of Malini was my initial preference. Upon receiving her role, Shweta expressed that it was a perfect fit for her.

Subsequently, Zeenat Aman was selected for the role…

Subsequently, Digangana Suryavanshi was selected for the role following Shweta’s casting. Digangana’s portrayal is characterized by a high degree of emotional sensitivity.

Subsequently, Zeenat entered the room. I conveyed the information to her via telephone. Those were the days characterized by the COVID pandemic. On the first day, she had a multitude of inquiries. The individual appeared to experience a slight degree of apprehension, potentially attributable to a prolonged absence prior to their return. However, following the commencement of filming for her scenes, she quickly became at ease. The individual conveyed that they were guided in a manner reminiscent of Raj Kapoor and Dev Anand, incorporating the actor’s perspective, after a prolonged period of time. That was a significant expression of praise.

Zeenat is a woman who exhibits a strong sense of independence and modernity, rejecting societal norms and conventions. The individual holds the belief that the purpose of existence is to experience life to the fullest. That precisely embodies her personality.

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Is Shefali Jariwalla also a part of the show?

Furthermore, she possesses exceptional acting skills. I inquired from her subsequent to her significant emotional outburst as to why she has limited herself to exclusively performing dance roles.

Slaman Khan

Salman Khan has expressed his opinion regarding the need for censorship on the OTT platform, albeit not verbatim.

I concur with the viewpoint expressed by Salman Khan. Some television programs have incorporated the use of vulgar language and suggestive scenes for the purpose of arousing sexual interest. While I am amenable to my program being subjected to censorship, I would prefer that the panel responsible for censoring over-the-top content be composed of filmmakers whose artistic sensitivities are beyond reproach.

Please be concise and get to the main idea. Could you please provide more context or information about the show you are referring to?

The genesis of my production can be traced back to the moment when I became aware of the possibility of customizing bras. Upon conducting extensive research, it has come to my attention that a considerable number of women wear ill-fitting bras. In addition, it is imperative to customize bras as wearing ill-fitting bras can result in the development of infections and diseases.

It should be noted that my production is not intended for the purpose of arousing or exciting sexual desire. The idea expressed is quite audacious, as it exhibits a high degree of originality and creativity.
It is imperative to maintain mental clarity and refrain from fixating on trivial matters such as the inadvertent exposure of a bra strap. Additionally, this production addresses a range of topics that are particularly relevant to women, including but not limited to the harmful practice of body shaming. The narrative is situated within the realm of fashion and seeks to redefine conventional notions of beauty.

There has been expressed interest from OTT platforms regarding the television program ‘Showstopper’. The release is imminent.

Final remark: Is the procurement of a personalized bra a costly undertaking? The statement suggests that the opportunity in question is exclusively available to individuals who possess significant wealth and social status.

Perhaps your assertion is valid, however, my primary rationale for advocating is to establish it as a customary practice. As the level of awareness increases, the price will tend to stabilize. Furthermore, I am advocating for the necessity of purchasing bras in the appropriate size. It is not being asserted that the appropriate size of brassiere is universally unavailable. The anatomies of certain women exhibit periodic fluctuations, rendering the customization of brassieres a potentially valuable solution.

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