Madiha Imam

Madiha Imam dispels speculation regarding her husband’s origin and career

The city of Karachi, located in Pakistan, has recently been in the news. Madiha Imam, a prominent actress from Pakistan, has refuted speculations that have been circulating on various social media platforms regarding the nationality and profession of her spouse, Moji Basar. The Imam publicly declared her matrimonial union during the initial week of May, disseminating visual documentation of the nuptial ceremony via online social networking platforms.

Subsequent to the announcement, there were speculations regarding the religious and national affiliations of her spouse. According to certain reports, Moji Basar has exhibited exceptional skills as a Bollywood producer and filmmaker, in addition to his experience as a writer and production manager.

Notwithstanding, Madiha refuted these rumors. The speaker asserted that her spouse does not belong to either Nepalese or Indian ethnicity. Furthermore, she clarified that she had initially acquainted with him in a professional capacity, and their relationship progressed into a friendship that ultimately culminated in marriage.

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Ms. Imam expressed her astonishment regarding the rumors and asserted that she lacked knowledge of their origin and dissemination. The speaker provided further clarification that her spouse does not hold any involvement in the Indian film sector.

Madiha Imam’s statement conclusively resolves the conjecture pertaining to her spouse’s nationality and occupation, thereby underscoring the imperative of refraining from disseminating uncorroborated data on digital platforms.

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