From Sunny Leone on working with Anurag Kashyap on Kennedy Among the people I’ve met he ranks among the most generous

The film ‘Kennedy’, directed by Anurag Kashyap, stars Sunny Leone and Rahul Bhat in the primary roles. The announcement has been made that the movie is scheduled to debut at the esteemed Cannes Film Festival in May. Prior to the highly anticipated debut, ETimes conducted an interview with Sunny Leone regarding this partnership and various other topics. Excerpts:

What was the process behind the collaboration between Anurag Kashyap and Sunny Leone?

I was invited by Anurag Kashyap for an audition to assess my suitability for the role of Charlie. Experiencing a high level of anxiety, I approached the audition with trepidation due to my limited exposure to such events. In an effort to adequately prepare, I diligently sought out as much pertinent information as possible regarding the character I was to portray. Subsequently, I found myself present at the audition, unaware that the director’s complete office, including the Ads and production team, would be in attendance.

Did you experience a sense of fear?

The presence of Rahul Bhat, an actor, was also noted. This exacerbated the level of anxiety. I exerted my utmost effort and performed an audition. And it was well-received by all parties involved. The level of surprise experienced was significant. I diligently endeavored to attentively heed their requirements for this cinematic production, and it appears to have yielded favorable results.

Anurag Kashyap has a reputation for being a strict and demanding presence on film sets. Can you describe your personal experience?

Anurag Sir does not exhibit any terrorizing behavior. The individual in question exhibits exceptional kindness and amiability, particularly in the context of the film set, where they demonstrate an unwavering commitment to providing equal attention and affection to all individuals present, regardless of their role as either technicians or actors. There is no evidence to suggest that he exhibits any disruptive or harmful behavior while on the sets. He is a highly agreeable individual to collaborate with. The experience was thoroughly enjoyable. I am optimistic about the possibility of collaborating with him in the future.

What strategies did you employ to appease three high-maintenance children while simultaneously fulfilling your professional obligations at ‘Kennedy’?

Regarding time management, I have engaged in comprehensive discussions with my children about the scheduling and prioritization of work commitments for both myself and my partner. These conversations have emphasized the importance of mutual understanding and recognition of the fact that our professional endeavors enable the provision of various resources and opportunities in their lives. Fortuitously, the entirety of the filming for ‘Kennedy’ occurred during nocturnal hours.

Did the mother leave for work while the children were asleep?

Correct. I had the opportunity to spend time with them during their post-school hours and in the early hours of the day. The experience was pleasant. My offspring exhibit a high level of comprehension. In my opinion, the crux of the matter lies in maintaining honesty with them. Daniel and I consistently uphold the value of honesty in our communication with our children. The assertion is made that once a statement is made regarding one’s arrival at home, the individual in question has indeed arrived at their place of residence. There are no sudden alterations to the schedule concerning the children. The offspring possess an understanding of the significance of spending time of high caliber and are capable of distinguishing between the attributes of quality and quantity.

What lessons have you learned from the past three years of adversity?

The lesson gleaned from this experience is that unforeseen events have the potential to occur at any given moment. One must maintain a diligent work ethic. The Indian entertainment industry has undergone a significant transformation, resulting in positive outcomes. Currently, there exists a greater abundance of employment prospects available to individuals.

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Do you possess a proclivity for setting challenges for yourself?

The portrayal of the character in the production ‘Kennedy’ presents a significant challenge. Mr. Anurag Kashyap is a distinguished individual. I have exerted significant effort. Throughout my personal and professional trajectory, I have endeavored to maintain an uncompromising stance. The decisions I have made are entirely my own. The opportunity to participate in an audition and subsequently securing the role can be likened to being granted a pass in school.

Did you experience a sensation akin to that of a student successfully completing an examination?

I secured the role in ‘Kennedy’ solely based on my merit. There was no other thing. I am elated to announce that I have been cast as the lead actress in a film directed by Anurag Kashyap, which makes me a heroine in his production. I would not make any alterations as my arrival at ‘Kennedy’ can be attributed to the cumulative impact of my prior experiences.

The trajectory of your life has been marked by tumultuous and turbulent experiences.

Indeed, my life has been tumultuous. However, a substantial amount of sunlight has also been present. I will not detract from the significance of my personal experience. It can be quite challenging to navigate through the aspects that have not been satisfactory. However, it is my belief that I am not inclined towards making any alterations.

What are your plans for Cannes?

Indeed, I will be departing for Cannes. The specifics of the upcoming event, including the individuals responsible for styling my attire and hair, the location and itinerary, and the potential for additional film viewings at Cannes, remain unknown to me at present.This is a novel experience for me. The prospect of encountering intriguing individuals is acknowledged, however, the means by which we will encounter them and the specific dialogue that will transpire remains unclear at present.

What is the next course of action following the presidency of Kennedy?

I am pleased to announce that I have two upcoming South Indian films that I am extremely proud of. The upcoming year appears to hold a great deal of promise and anticipation.

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