Discovering Ulsan Pool Salon

Discovering Ulsan Pool Salon: A Unique Entertainment Experience

In the heart of Ulsan, South Korea, lies a hidden gem known as Renowned for its cost-effective and specialized services catering to Korean, Thai, and Chinese preferences, this establishment has become a prominent player in the local entertainment scene.

Services Offered:

  1. Korean Full Salon at Ulsan Karaoke 2nd:
    • Duration: 50 minutes room time + 40 minutes entertainment
    • Rates: ₩350,000 (cash) or ₩420,000 (card)
  2. Thailand Pool Salon:
    • Duration: 1 hour room time + 50 minutes entertainment
    • Rates: ₩250,000 (cash) or ₩290,000 (card)
  3. China Pool Salon:
    • Duration: 60 minutes room time + 40 minutes entertainment
    • Rates: ₩300,000 (cash) or ₩360,000 (card)
  4. Public Room:
    • 2 hours duration (no second car)
    • Rates: Lady TC ₩100,000, 1 bottle of whiskey ₩150,000
  5. Korean Shirt Room:
    • 1 hour 20 minutes duration (no second car)
    • Rates: Touchable ₩250,000

Ulsan Nightlife Highlights:

  • Ulsan Pool Salon stands out as the best nightlife and entertainment hub in the city.
  • Featuring Helvetica Light font for easy readability.

Unique Features:

  • Availability of public rooms, shirt rooms, and pool salon options catering to diverse preferences.
  • Contact at the largest size: 010-7395-6884.
  • Nam-gu pickup services are available.

Pool Salon Distinctiveness:

  • A choice pool salon providing a balance between affordability and higher quality compared to regular karaoke rooms.
  • Operated by fixed ladies, ensuring a lower probability of internal injuries compared to sidewalk karaoke rooms.
  • Room enjoyment time is fixed, lasting up to 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Shirt Room Experience:

  • The second level higher than public rooms, offering unique greeting services.
  • A hardcore karaoke system allowing touching with a no-bra shirt, excluding important parts.
  • Room duration: 1 hour and 20 minutes or 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Song Tavern Overview:

  • A general singing bar, often run by sidewalk girls, offering a standard touch level.
  • Disadvantages include difficulty in choosing and a lack of a sense of belonging among the girls.

Important Notice to Customers: As Ulsan Pool Salon adapts to the challenges of the current global crises, including the coronavirus pandemic and rising costs, there is a slight price increase. This adjustment is crucial to maintaining quality service and ensuring the well-being of the establishment. The management expresses regret for any inconvenience caused and promises to repay customers with an enhanced experience.

In conclusion, Ulsan Pool Salon emerges as a multifaceted entertainment destination, blending affordability with quality, and adapting to global challenges while prioritizing customer satisfaction. Explore the vibrant nightlife of Ulsan and indulge in a unique entertainment experience at Ulsan Pool Salon.

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