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Alia Bhatt discusses keeping Raha’s privacy a top priority We don’t feel comfortable sharing her photo on any platform

On November 6th of the previous year, Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor celebrated the arrival of their first child, a female infant, whom they named Raha. During that period, the couple had issued a specific request to the paparazzi to refrain from taking photographs of Raha and to honor their daughter’s privacy. After a period of approximately half a year, the individuals in question have not yet disclosed the visage of their offspring.
During a recent interview, Alia discussed her efforts to safeguard Raha’s privacy and emphasized her and Ranbir’s shared desire to keep their child out of the public spotlight. According to her, there is a reluctance to share images of their child on social media and engage in discussions pertaining to their infant.

Nevertheless, Alia finds great satisfaction in being addressed as the mother of Raha and is content with this identity at present. The speaker expressed a strong sense of protectiveness towards her loved ones, and asserted her belief that infants do not require public exposure.
Alia comprehends that as public figures, both she and Ranbir must exercise practicality as individuals in the public sphere. According to her statement, the paparazzi are akin to her colleagues and have exhibited a high level of respect towards her. The individual recollected the event where the photographers ceased utilizing their cameras upon arrival at the airport in Mumbai subsequent to their return from London in the previous month. According to her statement, there was no dissemination of any image of Raha.

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During Alia and Ranbir’s trip to London to celebrate her 30th birthday, the actress of Gangubai Kathiawadi enjoyed strolling with Raha in public without any worries, as it is unfeasible to take her outdoors in Mumbai. The speaker stated that due to their anonymity in the location, the atmosphere was notably more tranquil, and they did not have to exercise the same level of caution as they would in Bombay.
Ranbir had previously expressed his intention to safeguard Raha’s privacy, while also emphasizing the importance of ensuring that she has a typical upbringing, including attending school and not being treated as exceptional or distinct from other children.

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