Ali Zafar

Ali Zafar explains his political leanings in a now viral social media post

The city of Lahore is the subject of this report. The political affiliation of singer Ali Zafar was speculated upon following the circulation of a viral social media post showcasing a jacket he wore. The jacket was adorned with the phrase “Sher Aya Sher Aya” and a depiction of a bat, which prompted speculation that Zafar had affiliated himself with the PML-N political party.

Zafar resorted to Twitter as a means of elucidating the circumstances. The individual in question disseminated a visual recording of himself donning the aforementioned jacket whilst conducting an auditory examination prior to a performance in Toronto. He expounded that the garment in question was a hooded sweatshirt adorned with an assortment of symbols, including the terms “Balla” and a representation of a lion.

Zafar conveyed his dissatisfaction regarding the politicization of his attire, asserting his identity as an artist and emphasizing the need for thorough investigation before involving him in political disputes. The individual in question provided clarification that they have not affiliated themselves with any political organization.

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Zafar expeditiously refuted the viral post and associated rumors through a clarification disseminated on various social media platforms. The individual encouraged their audience to abstain from disseminating inaccurate data without appropriate authentication.

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