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After completing production on Tiger 3 Salman Khan will reportedly decide whether or not to appear in Karan Johar’s next film

There have been circulating reports indicating that Salman Khan and Karan Johar will be collaborating for a film after a quarter of a century. Salman had made a brief appearance in the film Kuch Kuch Hota Hai in 1998, and subsequently, there has been no collaborative effort between the two individuals. Despite the fact that there were attempts to collaborate on the films Shuddhi and Kesari within the past decade, these efforts ultimately did not come to fruition. Currently, circumstances appear to be aligning favorably.
As per a report from an entertainment portal, Karan initiated contact with Salman on October 22 regarding a tender human drama helmed by a youthful director. The narrative revolved around the relationship between a father and his daughter, which was depicted through two distinct encounters. However, the dialogue was suspended as Salman expressed his lack of interest in pursuing a human drama at that particular moment. The individual inquired of Karan whether he could procure a larger item upon his return.
In January of 2023, Karan presented Salman with a new film opportunity alongside Vishnu Vardhan, the director of the film Shershaah. The group convened approximately 10 to 12 times, during which they deliberated on various facets of the film. At present, no written documentation exists and their joint efforts are focused on establishing a functional partnership.

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There was speculation that this particular film would be Salman Khan’s next Eid release in 2024. However, the report has confirmed that this will not be the case. According to the statement, upon Salman’s agreement to participate in the production, the film will commence pre-production and casting within a timeframe of 2-3 months. The anticipated commencement of filming for the movie is November 2023 at the earliest. Given the extensive scope of the upcoming film production and the substantial amount of labor involved, the team will make determinations as the project progresses.

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Salman is presently preparing for the final phase of production for his highly anticipated cinematic work, Tiger 3, alongside co-stars Katrina Kaif and Emraan Hashmi. The film will feature a cameo appearance by Shah Rukh Khan in the role of Pathaan. Upon completion of filming Tiger 3 by the end of May, Salman Khan is expected to make a decision regarding his potential involvement in Karan Johar’s upcoming project. At that point, he would also attain a precise understanding of the shooting schedules for Tiger vs Pathaan.

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