Sooraj Pancholi

After being exonerated in the death of Jiah Khan Sooraj Pancholi went to the Siddhi Vinayak temple and was mocked online for caressing a portrait of Lord Ganesha while doing so

On June 3, 2013, Jiah Khan was discovered deceased at her residence in Juhu. The demise of Jiah continues to be an enigma, with initial speculations pointing towards suicide. However, Rabia Khan, the mother of Jiah, has alleged that Sooraj Pancholi, Jiah’s boyfriend, was complicit in her daughter’s death. Rabia made an allegation that Jiah’s death was a result of homicide. A written statement indicating suicidal intentions was discovered, revealing that Jiah had been involved in a relationship characterized by abuse with Sooraj. As a result, Sooraj was apprehended and charged with abetment.

Nevertheless, after ten years, the court has exonerated him of all charges on account of insufficient substantiation. The court has raised doubts regarding the genuineness of the purported suicide letter. The varying accounts provided by Jiah’s mother have generated greater scrutiny towards her as compared to other individuals.

A video featuring the individual in question has gained widespread attention, depicting him engaging with paparazzi while holding an image of Lord Ganesha. The individual was subjected to severe online criticism by internet users after he was photographed holding a depiction of Lord Ganesha subsequent to having touched his footwear. The individuals provided remarks such as “please perform hand washing.” Another user touched their feet and then touched a photo of a deity. Why do people visit temples when they have no knowledge about it?

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During an interview with ETimes, Sooraj expressed that he feels like a renewed individual upon waking up today. The individual also provided insight into the aforementioned occurrence and the dynamic with Jiah, expressing that the events surrounding Jiah were truly regrettable. However, the situation was outside of my jurisdiction. The degree of necessity that she had for her family surpassed that of her need for me. The subject required the affection and encouragement from her biological relatives, rather than her romantic partner. I had a limited acquaintance with her spanning a period of five months. I exerted my utmost effort within the limited timeframe provided.

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